Stealing Valor – Stealing Heroism

The verdict is in – it's just okee-dokee to wear medals you didn't earn.  Okee-dokee to wear a uniform you never served in.  Okee-dokee to pawn yourself off as someone you aren't.  

Free speech.  That's what the courts said.

The 9th Circuit Court recently ruled that Stolen Valor is free speech, covered by the First Amendment.  

635532065668555663-purple-heartThe case at hand was a man convicted of the Stolen Valor law.  He'd testified in a court case wearing a purple heart he didn't earn.  He appealed his conviction and won.  

Heck, the Stolen Valor law only made it a misdemeanor to impersonate a hero anyway.  It's curious why this guy even appealed.  I have a hunch it's about the bigger move to undermine our military.  But that's a political topic I won't get into here. 

So, why am I even bringing it up? 

First and foremost, because it matters.  Secondly, it's a topic that arises in True Valor, book 1 of the True Heroes series.  

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True Heroes – Release Day

JAX 3 books

It's release day for books 1, 2, and 3 of the True Heroes series. (Book 4 is available for pre-order)

People have asked "How does it feel?"  

It feels great and scary and exciting.  I love that these people that I've come to know as friends will finally be out there making new friends.  It's such fun when readers send emails or IM's and tell me the that they laughed when a character said or did something fun, or cried when things got overwhelming. 

In the book industry, it's scary too.  Will people review the book positively?  Will they review it at all?  Will the books do well.  I know for me, it's not just about sales.  Of course, authors would love to have books that catch fire like Twilight or Hunger Games.  But we also know that's a rare thing.  

But we would love to have people love the books.  Guess that's why we do this.

Enough about me though.  

What I want to say today is thank you.

Thank you to my awesome beta readers.  Thank you to my critique partners.  Thank you to Davis Creative for awesome covers.  Thank you to Ashley and Kim who spent hours and hours going over these manuscripts making them better.  (Even so, I'm sure there will be a few mistakes that slipped through.)   


And most of all, thank you to the real life TRUE HEROES who scramble to help, putting their own lives on the line, sometimes making the ultimate sacrifice.  If these books do right by them, then I'll be satisfied.  

Thanks to Batman, Scarecrow, Angel, Cruz, Clancy and Cowboy, for taking on a life of their own and letting me tell on them.





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