Countdown to True Heroes – Day 2

Ahh, the tattoo.

Legen—wait for it—dary.

The legend goes back to the first PJs – 1971 – the Vietnam war.

A little swagger.  A little cockiness.  And, well, a lot of alcohol.

648dd7ad73ca26a7e0137f491009ba9bAt the time, the PJs’s taxi was the famed Jolly Green Giant helicopter.  So, what could be a more fitting symbol for combat search and rescue than the Jolly Green Giant footprint? 

Thus was born the PJ tattoo.

“But where to get said tattoo?” they wondered?  They wanted a place that, when showed off, would command respect and awe.  Some place unique.  After much consideration and a few more drinks, our stalwart heroes came to a decision. 

A tradition is born.

The Jolly Green feet tattoo.

On the butt of every PJ.

photo-1 IMG_5260-2

Shhh.  It’s a secret.

Come back tomorrow for Countdown day 1. 




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