Valentines Day – From True Valor

Celebrate Valentines Day with Nic and Julie from True Valor – here's one of their true moments.



Slate grey clouds layered the twilight sky. Christmas lights twinkled in the stillness, the only sound the crunch of snow below their feet. Their breath crystallized into fog. Julie slipped her mittened hand into Nic’s. There was nothing even suggestive about it. It was sweet, childlike. Something deep inside him began to melt.

Nic wasn’t sure he liked the feeling.

“For saints have hands that pilgrims’ hands do touch.”

“What?” Nic stopped walking and stared at her. She only stopped because he had her hand in his.

“What’s wrong?” She looked a bit panicked.

“You’re quoting Shakespeare again.”

“What?” It was obvious she didn’t even know she’d spoken.

“Never mind.”

Once across the next street, Julie grinned and tugged Nic toward the slide in the center of a small park. When he hesitated, she broke loose and skipped over to make her way up the ladder. Once seated up top, she grinned and slid. Down the slide and out into the snow at the bottom, laughing like a goof.

“Your turn,” she said as she held out her hand so he could pull her up. Once she was standing, she put her hands on her hips and tipped her head. “Your turn,” she said again. blonde hair peeked out from under the cap he’d made her wear, her eyes danced with abandon. Snow flakes melted on her cheeks and Nic nearly leaned down to taste one.

When he didn’t respond, she bent down and scooped a handful of snow, letting it fly in his face.

If he moved, he was doomed. If he touched her, or grabbed her, or wrestled her to the ground, it was all over. So, he stood, snow on his face, holding his breath.

But she had no such reservations. She drew close, stood on tip-toe and kissed the snow from his chin. Her expression held nothing sultry, yet her innocence was even more distracting.

“Knock it off, Julie,” Nic said through gritted teeth. “Let’s go.”

When they got back to the room, Julie took her coat off and hung it on the hook. Then she went to the bedroom and closed the door.




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